Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Extensive Training Is Required For Optimized Construction Design?

The person who oversees, plans and designs a building, whether a single story home or a 100 story high-rise is called an architect. The information below should help you choose an architect that is able to give you the optimized construction design you deserve.

An individual interested in pursuing an architectural career needs to have management skills, technical knowledge and understand business. These skills are just as important as the design aspect. They help guarantee the client receives building design optimization.

Education. Experience. Examination.

An architect usually has to have at least a degree in architecture from a college or university. This requirement is frequently satisfied by a two to three year internship. How long an internship is depends on the state or jurisdiction being practiced in. A series of exams or registration examination must be successfully completed prior to licensure.

Alternate Specializations and Specialized Architecture Courses

There has been a rise in the specializations within this profession, which helps provide clients with building design optimization. Many of the architectural firms are focusing on particular kinds of projects, technological expertise or the delivery methods of projects. Some firms have experts from related fields on their staff or are associated with companies that provide the skills necessary for the completion of a project.

Solution Architecture - Teaches how to establish information systems and technology infrastructure with the use of the IAF (Integrated Architecture Framework).

B & I Architecture - This course teaches how to start a business and information architecture using the IAF.

SOA Awareness for Consultants - Teaches commonly used architectural solutions in the field.

Business & ICT Alignment in Practice - Focuses on the strategic alignment of ICT and management.

Business Case for Architects - Concentrates on how to make architectural project choices based on the financial evaluations.

Architects may need to complete a variety of tasks for their client including:

- Auditing building costs
- Report preparations
- Designing buildings
- Achieving development of client's needs
- Instruct the design team
- Hire various engineers
- Schedule the engineers to co-ordinate with the design process timeframe

Local & Federal Jurisdictions

Comply with the local zoning and planning laws such as:

- Parking and handicap requirements
- Height limitations
- Land use
- Requirements for transparency
- If applicable, historic preservation restrictions

Documentation Preparation

- Construction drawings including specifications
- Development & building permits

While the main function of an architect is design, there is a lot more to the job than that so finding experienced architects that can handle these other tasks is important. Today, with the multitudes of specialized firms and architects available to everyone today, finding one to give you the optimized construction design you need should not be a problem.

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